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Two of JB's genres are featured here - SINGER/SONGWRITER - an introduction to Jimmy's original songwriting plus 'COCKTAILS WITH SOUL' - his easy listening classic singing act.

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Jimmy Bonar


Jimmy Bonar

The Artist

Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, 40 something  Jimmy is an accomplished vocalist, drummer and rythym guitarist.

His musical influences are varied - The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Sheryl Crow, Ryan Adams, Andy Williams, Peggy Lee, Tony Bennett and Antonio Carlos Jobin to name but a few.

Music is the consuming passion of his life.

'2 Sides to Jimmy B'


review from NZ Musician

NZ Musician, DECEMBER 2013
By Bing Turkby
After Jimmy Bonar's previous CD ‘Working Class’, he took inspiration from Paul McCartney's album ‘Kisses on the Bottom’ and recorded an album of 14 jazz standards – quite a departure from his previous album of self-penned adult contemporary rock work. Sensibly playing to his strengths, he has generally chosen crooners over belters; he can swing his way through classics like Moon River and The Shadow of Your Smile in convincing fashion. The self- produced collection certainly shows that Bonar would be a wise choice for a classy function just about anywhere, indeed on YouTube you can see him serenading passers-by in a trendy cafe-filled Melbourne alleyway!
Available from Southbound Records, 69 Mt Eden Rd, Auckland, or click on STORE.

Melbourne, Australia

'Working Class'


review from NZ Musician

NZ Musician, November 2014
By Bing Turkby
Last time I heard Jimmy Bonar he had ‘jr.’ at the end of his name and was crooning jazz standards. Now, the man who once drove next to Neil Finn in Mt Eden while listening to Split Enz (it says so on his website!) is back with an album in the Adult Contemporary genre – though I’m never sure what that means. Leans toward Mmm-Bop rather than Motorhead, perhaps? This is an album of good catchy pop/rock songs packed with great vocal melodies, driving drum beats and the odd grunty guitar solo, delivered with a pop music sensibility. It highlights Bonar’s vocals and his general cheery vibe. You could easily imagine many a crowd sing-along – the man knows how to craft a chorus. There’s a fairly strong Beatles influence but not in a derivative way – it’s definitely Bonar’s album and he is effusive in his praise for Joe Hoonhout of Ferryhill Studio for bringing his vision to fruition. The production on this disc gives the songs a radio-friendly sheen, in fact the album is so nicely produced I think any of these songs could find a home on most radio stations, and indeed in TV/film placement. Bonar’s songwriting is assured, his band is tight, and his singing really suits this material. ‘Working Class’ has been available online for a while but hopefully now that it’s available as a shiny plastic disc it will get the attention it warrants.

Available from: iTunes   Amplifire.co.nz   CD Baby.com 
Real Groovy Records, 438 Queen Street, Auckland, Southbound Records, 69 Mt Eden Rd, Auckland or click on STORE

from the Central Leader, an Auckland newspaper


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