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Selections of Jimmy's art are featured here - SINGER/SONGWRITER - an introduction to his original songwriting, 'COCKTAILS WITH SOUL' - his easy listening classic singing act, and PHOTOGRAPHY - a selection of his image art. 

The Artist

Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, 50 something  Jimmy is an accomplished composer, vocalist, drummer and rhythm guitarist.

Music is the consuming passion of his life.

Jimmy b

San Francisco, CA

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San Francisco, May 27, 2016. A wonderful two night engagement at The Holiday Inn on Van Ness Street in this amazing city.

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Jimmy Bonar, Jr at Cafe Hernandez, Sydney, Australia, Saturday 28 May, 2016

Upcoming Shows

Jimmy 26 aug 2 sept 2016


'Working Overtime', track 6 from the album 'Working Class'. Directed and filmed by Josh Tuati. Auckland, January 2015


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J j 24 jan 15

'Dep Chargers' singer/guitarist Joey Vallis & Jimmy Bonar, Melbourne, Jan 2015

Jimmy's album

Jimmy bonar lp

'Working Class'

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music.net.nz review (Feb 2015)

Working  Class is a very polished and clean soft rock album, clearly a work crafted over  and perfected with much care in a recording studio, as the lush sound and clarity of the recordings are of high quality and consistent throughout. Jimmy is clearly influenced by The Beatles and has recreated their sound with a little help of a slight English accent on the vocals, to the point where Jimmy's voice sounds like of a mix of John Lennon and Noel Gallagher.

The songs are well crafted, highlights are Helping HandTake A Bow and A Bit Of A Bob with wonderful arrangements that are easy on the ear, with very catchy melodies, all sung with startling clarity and perfect diction by Jimmy's soulful and smooth voice. The sweet tuneful nature of each song to a degree obscures you from the more complex themes of the songs which range from high maintenance lovers and suppressed emotions, there is a theme in there somewhere we all can connect with at some point in our lives.

The music has been given the treatment in post-production with layered vocals and distant effect laden backing vocals which create some cool vibes. There is an distinct formula for the songs on the album, with gentle soft rock songs and the occasional folky ballad all done to a standard pop arrangement, with crisp mixing and mastering polishing it all off, maybe it’s a little too polished as it's slightly too sparkly and clean, with the band sounding so perfect they almost sound synthesised. But you can tell Working Class is a creation of Jimmy's' labour and love, he has delivered an album that’s enjoyable to listen to, with very catchy tunes, they feel good and you soon will be singing and smiling along.

NZ Musician review (Nov 2014)

 This is an album of good catchy pop/rock songs packed with great vocal melodies, driving drum beats and the odd grunty guitar solo, delivered with a pop music sensibility. It highlights Bonar’s vocals and his general cheery vibe. You could easily imagine many a crowd sing-along – the man knows how to craft a chorus. There’s a fairly strong Beatles influence but not in a derivative way – it’s definitely Bonar’s album and he is effusive in his praise for Joe Hoonhout of Ferryhill Studio for bringing his vision to fruition.
The production on this disc gives the songs a radio-friendly sheen, in fact the album is so nicely produced I think any of these songs could find a home on most radio stations, and indeed in TV/film placement. Bonar’s songwriting is assured, his band is tight, and his singing really suits this material. ‘Working Class’ has been available online for a while but hopefully now that it’s available as a shiny plastic disc it will get the attention it warrants - BING TURKBY.

Available from: iTunes    CD Baby.com 
 Southbound Records, 132 Symonds St, Auckland or click on STORE
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