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Two of Jimmy's genres are featured here - SINGER/SONGWRITER - an introduction to Jimmy's original songwriting plus 'COCKTAILS WITH SOUL' - his easy listening classic singing act.

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Jimmy Bonar


Jimmy Bonar, 5 January, 2015: photograph by Josh Tuaiti

The Artist

Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, 40 something  Jimmy is an accomplished composer, vocalist, drummer and rythym guitarist.

His musical influences are varied - The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Sheryl Crow, Ryan Adams, Andy Williams, Peggy Lee, Tony Bennett and Antonio Carlos Jobin to name but a few.

Music is the consuming passion of his life.

Jimmy's latest album, 'Working Class'


NZ Musician review

NZ Musician, November 2014
 This is an album of good catchy pop/rock songs packed with great vocal melodies, driving drum beats and the odd grunty guitar solo, delivered with a pop music sensibility. It highlights Bonar’s vocals and his general cheery vibe. You could easily imagine many a crowd sing-along – the man knows how to craft a chorus. There’s a fairly strong Beatles influence but not in a derivative way – it’s definitely Bonar’s album and he is effusive in his praise for Joe Hoonhout of Ferryhill Studio for bringing his vision to fruition. The production on this disc gives the songs a radio-friendly sheen, in fact the album is so nicely produced I think any of these songs could find a home on most radio stations, and indeed in TV/film placement. Bonar’s songwriting is assured, his band is tight, and his singing really suits this material. ‘Working Class’ has been available online for a while but hopefully now that it’s available as a shiny plastic disc it will get the attention it warrants.

Available from: iTunes   Amplifire.co.nz   CD Baby.com 
 Southbound Records, 69 Mt Eden Rd, Auckland or click on STORE


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